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About Norman Foster and Britains Modern Architecture

About Norman Foster and Britains Modern Architecture Pritzker Prize-winning architect Norman Foster (born June 1, 1935 in Manchester, England) is famous for futuristic designs - like Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California - that explore technological shapes and social ideas. His big tent civic center constructed with the modern plastic ETFE even made the Guinness Book of World Records for being the worlds tallest tensile structure, yet it was built for the comfort and enjoyment of the Kazakhstan public. In addition to winning the most prestigious award for architecture, the Pritzker Prize, Foster has been knighted and granted the rank of baron by Queen Elizabeth II. For all of his celebrity, however, Foster came from humble beginnings. Born in a working class family, Norman Foster did not seem likely to become a famous architect. Although he was a good student in high school and showed an early interest in architecture, he did not enroll in college until he was 21 years old.   By the time he had decided to become an architect, Foster had been a radar technician in the Royal Air Forces and worked in the treasury department of Manchester Town Hall. In college he studied bookkeeping and commercial law, so he was prepared to handle the business aspects of an architectural firm when the time came. Foster won numerous scholarships during his years at Manchester University, including one to attend Yale University in the United States. He graduated from Manchester University School of Architecture in 1961 and went on to earn a Masters Degree at Yale on a Henry Fellowship. Returning to his native United Kingdom, Foster co-founded the successful Team 4 architectural firm in 1963. His partners were his wife, Wendy Foster, and the husband and wife team of Richard Rogers and Sue Rogers. His own firm, Foster Associates (Foster Partners), was founded in London in 1967. Foster Associates became known for high tech design that explored technological shapes and ideas. In his work, Foster often uses off-site manufactured parts and the repetition of modular elements. The firm frequently designs special components for other high-tech modernist buildings. He is a designer of parts that he elegantly assembles. Selected Early Projects After establishing his own architectural firm in 1967, the affable architect did not take long to be noticed with a portfolio of well-received projects. One of his first successes was the Willis Faber and Dumas Building built between 1971 and 1975 in Ipswich, England. No ordinary office building, the Willis Building is an asymmetrical, three-story blob of a structure, with a roof of grass to be enjoyed as a park space by the office workers. In 1975 Fosters design was a very early example of architecture that could be both energy efficient and socially responsible, to be used as a template for what is possible in an urban environment. The office building was quickly followed by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, a gallery and educational facility built between 1974 and 1978 at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. In this building we begin to see the Foster enthusiasm for observable metal triangles and walls of glass. Internationally, attention was paid to Fosters high-tech skyscraper for the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in Hong Kong, built between 1979 and 1986, and then the Century Tower built between 1987 and 1991 in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Asian successes were followed by the 53-story tallest building in Europe, the ecology-minded Commerzbank Tower, built from 1991 to 1997 in Frankfurt, Germany. The high profile Bilbao Metro in 1995 was part of the urban revitalization that swept the city of Bilbao, Spain. Back in the United Kingdom, Foster and Partners completed the Cranfield University Library in Bedfordshire (1992), the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge (1995), the American Air Museum at Duxford airfield in Cambridge (1997), and the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow (1997). In 1999 Norman Foster received architectures most prestigious award, the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and also  was honored by Queen Elizabeth II naming him Lord Foster of Thames Bank.The Pritzker jury cited his steadfast devotion to the principles of architecture as an art form, for his contributions in defining an architecture with high technological standards, and for his appreciation of the human values involved in producing consistently well-designed projects as their reasons for his becoming a Pritzker Laureate. Post-Pritzker Work Norman Foster never rested upon his laurels after winning the Pritzker Prize. He finished the Reichstag Dome for the new German Parliament in 1999, which remains one of Berlins most popular tourist attractions. The 2004 Millau Viaduct, a  cable-stayed bridge in Southern France, is one of the bridges youll want to cross at least once in your life. With this structure, the architects of the firm claim to be expressing a fascination with the relationship between function, technology and aesthetics in a graceful structural form. Throughout the years, Foster and Partners has continued to create office towers that explore the environmentally sensitive, uplifting workplace begun by Commerzbank in Germany and  the Willis Building in Britain. Additional office towers include the Torre Bankia (Torres Repsol), Cuatro Torres Business Area in Madrid, Spain (2009), the Hearst Tower in New York City (2006),   the Swiss Re in London (2004), and The Bow in Calgary, Canada (2013). Other interests of the Foster group have been the transportation sector  - including the 2008 Terminal T3 in Beijing, China and Spaceport America in New Mexico, the U.S. in 2014 - and building with Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene, creating plastic buildings like the 2010 Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center in Astana, Kazakhstan and the 2013 SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland. Lord Norman Foster in London One need only visit London to receive a lesson in Norman Foster architecture. The most recognizable Foster design is the 2004 office tower for Swiss Re at 30 St Mary Axe in London. Locally called The Gherkin, the missile-shaped building is a case study for computer-aided design and energy and environmental design. Within site of the gherkin is the most-used Foster tourist attraction, the Millennium Bridge over the Thames River. Built in 2000, the pedestrian bridge also has a nickname  -    it became known as the Wobbly Bridge when 100,000 people rhythmically crossed during the opening week, which created an unnerving sway. The Foster firm has called it greater than expected lateral movement created by synchronised pedestrian footfall. Engineers installed dampers under the deck, and the bridge has been good-to-go ever since. Also in 2000, Foster and Partners put a cover over the Great Court at the British Museum, which has become another tourist destination. Throughout his career, Norman Foster has chosen projects to be used by different population groups - the residential housing project Albion Riverside in 2003; the futuristic modified sphere of London City Hall, a public building in 2002; and the 2015 rail station enclosure called Crossrail Place Roof Garden at Canary Wharf, which incorporates a rooftop park beneath ETFE plastic cushions. Whatever project completed for whatever user community, the designs of Norman Foster will always be first class. In Fosters Own Words I think one of the many themes in my work is the benefits of triangulation that can make structures rigid with less material. - 2008 Buckminster Fuller was the kind of green guru...He was a design scientist, if you like, a poet, but he foresaw all the things that are happening now....You can go back to his writings: its quite extraordinary. It was at that time, with an awareness fired by Buckys prophecies, his concerns as a citizen, as a kind of citizen of the planet, that influenced my thinking and what we were doing at that time. - 2006 SUMMARY: Triangulation in Norman Foster Buildings The Bow, 2013, Calgary, CanadaGeorge Rose/Getty ImagesThe people of Calgary call this building not only the most beautiful in Calgary and the best skyscraper in Canada, but it is also the tallest building outside of Toronto, at least for now. The crescent-shaped design of The Bow makes this Alberta skyscraper 30 percent lighter than most modern buildings its size. Named after the River Bow, Norman Fosters building was built between 2005 and 2013 as a mixed-use structure anchored by the headquarters of Cenovus Energy, Inc. Its curved design faces south  - gathering valuable heat and natural daylight  - with a convex facade toward the prevailing wind. Designed as a diagrid, six stories for each triangulated section, most offices of the 58 story skyscraper (775 feet; 239 meters) have a window view because of the curved design. Constructed of trussed-tubes, steel-framed with a glass curtain wall, The Bow has three interior sky gardens - on levels 24, 42 and 54.30 St Mary Axe, 2004 , London, EnglandDavid Crespo/Getty ImagesThe visual geometry of what locals call The Gherkin changes as point of view changes - seen from above, the patterns create a kaleidoscope. Hearst Tower, 2006, New York CityhAndrew C Mace/Getty ImagesThe modern 42-story tower completed in 2006 on top of the 1928 Hearst building is both award-winning and controversial. Norman Foster built the high-tech tower atop the six-story Hearst International Magazine Building designed by Joseph Urban and George P. Post. Foster claims that his design preserved the faà §ade of the existing structure and establishes a creative dialogue between the old and new. Some have said, A dialog? Oh, really? To the unsuspecting, the Hearst Corporation global headquarters is a shocking site as one crosses 57th Street at 8th Avenue in New York City. Like The Bow, the Hearst Tower is a diagrid, using 20% less steel than similar structures. True to Foster architecture, the Tower is constructed of 85% recycled steel and   high performance low emission glass with integrated roller blinds. Harvested roof water is recycled throughout the building, including to the Atriums three-story waterfall wall ca lled Icefall. The building received a LEED Platinum; certification. Sources Foster Partners, Projects, https://www.fosterandpartners.comJury Citation, The Hyatt Foundation, Norman Foster. Interview by Vladimir Belogolovskiy,, June 30, 2008, [accessed May 28, 2015]My green agenda for architecture, December 2006, TED Talk at the 2007 DLD (Digital-Life-Design) Conference, Munich, Germany, [accessed May 28, 2015]Project Description, foster partners, Bow, Emporis, [accessed July 26, 2013]Specifications, The Bow Building, [accessed August 14, 2016]Project Description, foster partners, [accessed July 30, 2013]Hearst Tower, [accessed July 30, 2013]

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buy custom The Banking Industry in the United States of America essay

buy custom The Banking Industry in the United States of America essay A bank is any institution that acts as a financial link between the clients, who do not have enough capital, and those, who have surplus of capital. Banks are highly important institutions of finance and are highly regulated by most governments. As a client of the Wells Fargo bank, I love the ease, with which one can secure a loan for their university studies. Moreover, I enjoy the ease, with which one can prepare payrolls and benefits for his/her staff for a small business. It is also easy opening an account with this bank. I would not switch to any other bank, because this bank takes care of the needs of the common customers, and is fairly stable in business with a year-to-date net income of $9,707,000. The benefits of insurance companies working together with the banking institutions are many. The insurance companies would be able to cut on the employees wages and salaries as some of their products would be sold directly by the bank. This means they will have less direct sales representatives. The bank staff would also be able to get useful information on the products sold by the insurance company. It will also be a win-win situation for both an insurance company and a bank, as they will share the commissions. A country may introduce deposit insurance to provide protection for its citizens, who deposit money in banking institutions. This may be done in part or full. This is directed at protecting the citizens from losses arising due to the inability of a banking institution to pay to its clients. This is a strategy that is aimed at providing stable financial progress to the institutions and bank depositors. This will definitely cover the losses of a bank on the verge of failing. If a banking system is well-organized, the economic growth of a given nation is bound to be in the forward direction. When the bank evaluates and diversifies the potetial risk of its borrowers, they contribute positively to the economic growth of the nation in question. Among the advantages of deposit insurance is that it minimizes or excludes the danger of its client facing a loss. By providing the protection of the clients capital, which may be his/her life-savings or vital transaction capital, the depositor does not have to be afraid of losing their capital, and can instead concentrate on running their business. Deposit insurance provides the certainty of the process of resolution in the case of a bank being on the verge of failing. This works towards maintenance of stability even when crisis in the entire banking industry threatens. This system should be partially subsidized by the taxpayers in order to reduce the burden, so that the bank is not let off the hook by the government. The taxpayers are more bound to make a profit if there are zero subsidies. This would make sure that both the banks under crisis and the depositors do not get extra profit. Among the laws that have changed the banking industry in the United States of America is the deposit insurance policy that has seen the depositors take loans to invest without the fear of the banking getting into a crisis. The second is the law that protects the consumer. This law gives the consumers the right of information to the terms and conditions when opening a new savings account. The third banking law is the central banking regulation that is put in place for the regulation of transactions. Bank failures are a sign that industry is healthy. This is because when the industry is healthy, there is plenty of competition, so the industry is open for everybody and only the best banks will remain operating. When a bank is facing crisis a merger is the most likely option in order to continue being in operation. For exammple the Berks County Trust Company and the Schuylkill Valley Bank merged to form the Berks County Trust Company and ultimately the Wells Fargo Bank. Mergers are also important in order to continue with the cross-selling of products of two financial institutions. A website should be designed to meet the expectation of the clients. A company can involve the clients in the designing of its website by having a questionnaire that the customers can fulfill. This can be done through the feedback form. The website designed should have the capability of recording the number of visitors per day and be geared towards promoting the products that the bank offers. Internet fraud is becoming a very common act in this era and more and more customers find themselves at the mercy of internet fraudsters. In order to prevent internet fraud one should never expose their personal information online. For example your names, place of residence and work, as well as all the passwords should always be kept private. The customers should never respond to the emails from strangers as well. Customers should deal with the companies that are trusted and enquire as to when the products are to be delivered. Once you detect that you have been a victim of the internet fraud, you should first put a fraud alert on all credit transactions that are done on your behalf. As a customer, one should communicate with all the institutions that are affected directly. Most financial institutions have assets that they have purchased in order to increase their solvency. In some cases the assets that these financial institutions acquire do not have any physical substance. Goodwill is a scenario, in which a banking institution buys another company and pays more than what its net value is. Among other intangible assets are mortgage servicing rights and purchased credit card rights. 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Compare online education at Grantham University to that of ground Essay

Compare online education at Grantham University to that of ground education on any University of your choice - Essay Example Universities have the job of training students in the design of society. This role goes beyond just giving them basic education. They also have to mould them to be successful. An integral part of this training according to the current competiveness should be to make students highly competitive. Therefore the university curriculum should include programs aimed at bringing the students up to date with current technological advances. The new advances being made in the field of studies should also be taken into account while making their curriculum. We live in a highly digitalized and a highly fast paced track of streams of networks racing to catch up with one another. This only translates into the fact that what a person does today in one part of the world, can easily be tracked and checked in the other part of the world. Today, our schedules demand more from us. For those who don’t know how to multi-task or how to juggle their ever-increasing responsibilities, the Darwinian rules might apply to them – survival of not only the fittest, but also the fastest and smartest. However, it’s not all that threatening. With advanced technology requirements come, advanced technological benefits as well and now the world stays connected regardless of the geographical locations. The internet has indeed changed our very perceptions of how we see distance. In this technological era, it is best to make the most of what gadgets and hi-tech facilities we have available today. This includes not only the youth, rather, people of all ages and backgrounds. We all know the importance of well-developed and well groomed educational background. This is so because the perception of a man’s capabilities and his talent is based or judged on the amount of education or training one has received in his/her interested field. This judgment is not only made by the society but most importantly the organizations that hire. They make sure that they

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Musculoskeletal System Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Musculoskeletal System - Article Example Since this system is comprised of bone and muscle, it is also responsible for giving mass or shape to our body and protecting our internal organs. This system is also responsible for storing calcium in bones and producing red and white blood cells as well as corpuscles (Judge, 2007). There are four common conditions that affect this system and these are osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and injuries relating to muscles from strenuous activities such as with sports. Some of the conditions are more related to age and the general degeneration of tendons and ligaments, such as with osteoarthritis that damages tendons and ligaments due to the bearing down of weight on the joints (Judge, 2007). Before diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions, it is important to make a patient assessment first. Taking note of the patients' past medical history, family history and social history need to be taken in consideration because these play an important factor in some musculoskeletal conditions. The medication or drug history of the patient should also be assessed because some drugs cause muscular degeneration. Certain ethnic groups are also predisposed to conditions that affect this system due to their diet, an example of which are Asians who lack Vitamin D in their diets and are at high risk for osteoporosis (Judge, 2007). Next is the pain assessment where the mnemonic PQRST is used. The mnemonic stands for Provoke, Quality, Region, Severity and Timing. These keywords are used in order for the patient to describe the pain, for example if the pain is provoked by sudden movement, or where the pain is localized. Once the description of the pain is noted, physical examination can be done on the affected region where pain is reported. General inspection of the affected region requires the patient and the nurse to assess how much pain or swelling there is and if the patient can move or mobilize the affected part without adding more injury. This inspection may also require assistance especially for those who may find it difficult to move because of the pain or swelling. One of the common methods in managing sprains that affect the musculoskeletal system is to cold or hot compress the affected area. Resting and elevating the affected region is also one of the common methods of management in order to alleviate the pain and swelling. This is for minor conditions that help alleviate the pain and swelling. Monitoring the affected region for possible complication is the next step in the management process if the pain aggravates or the swelling gets worse. In monitoring the pain or swelling, checking the temperature of the swelling is important so that it can be checked for further infections. Taking pain killers like analgesics can help in the management of musculoskeletal conditions. The prescribing of analgesics depend on the gravity of the pain and if it will not counteract with any medication currently taken by the patient. There are non-medication types of pain management such as positioning of the body, distractions or massage of the affected area. Another part of management is immobilization and mobilization. The affected part may need to be rested or immobilized for a few days in order for the swelling to

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Adversarial system of justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Adversarial system of justice - Essay Example Adversarial system of justice We can argue that Gideon V. Wainwright lost his case in 1963 because he lacked the funds to hire a lawyer to prepare his defense. This was after he requested the court to appoint a lawyer for him which the court refused. He defended himself in the trial and got convicted by a jury leading the court to sentence him to five years in a state prison (Fridell 69). It gets speculated that the state court’s lack of assigning Gideon a counsel violated his right to a fair trial. This clearly shows that this system is adversarial in name only. Question is, does a system that places value on winning encourage manipulation and deception? The clear answer to this indicates vividly if this system of justice is losing or gaining. This system is full of deception because the law gets highly manipulated to favor the side that can argue best. We are losing more because truth and justice do not play a role in its operation. Winning and losing is the main goal of the adversarial judicial system (McBride 94). It is a game of words where every side attempts to discredit the other’s witnesses and evidence. Lawyers get obligated to challenge the evidence against their clients even if it means impugning the police. They even attack a victim’s or witness’s character. Any judicial system should ensure justice. The adversarial judicial system is increasingly leading to injustice because lawyers bargain for less punishment or no punishment at all for even those that are guilty. This means that more and more people are suffering injustice with this system.

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Case Study- Bayfield Mud Company

Case Study- Bayfield Mud Company Dilip Navjot Amanpreet Singh Introduction According to the case study of the bag weight problem, therefore the control department gathered the weight bag as a sample from three different shifts (morning, afternoon, night) every day. As per given report the six samples collected per shift, therefore the size of the sample is six. To analysis the report of three different shift, we will apply x-bar chart and range chart. Moreover we will take mean value i.e is 50, explanation given below. In addition we will also calculate the range chart figure for every samples in different shifts, which will be find out by applying formula (Largest-Smallest). Analysis D3(Value taken from Sigma table)=0 D4 (Value taken from Sigma table)==2.004 N(Sample Size)=6 Standard Deviation=1.2 Desired Control Limit 3Sigma =99.73% Formulation For X Chart UCL x (Upper Control Limit for x bar) = X-Dbl Bar+Zà ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  Ãƒ ¯Ã‚ Ã‚ ³x Lower Control Limit (Upper Control Limit = X-Dbl Bar-Zà ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  Ãƒ ¯Ã‚ Ã‚ ³x à ¯Ã‚ Ã‚ ³x= is calculated by à ¯Ã‚ Ã‚ ³/Sqrt(n) For R Chart UCLR (Upper Control Limit for the Range) = D4*RBar LCLR(Lower Control Limit for the Range)= D3*Rbar Morning Shift For X Chart For R Chart Samples Time Shifts Average Smallest Largest Range X Bar (Averages) 49.80 R-Bar (CL) 3.45 1 6 Day 1 Morning 49.6 48.7 50.7 2.0 UCLx 51.27 LCL r 0.00 2 7 50.2 49.1 51.2 2.1 LCLx 48.33 UCL r 6.91 3 8 50.6 49.6 51.4 1.8 CL 50 4 9 50.8 50.2 51.8 1.6 5 10 49.9 49.2 52.3 3.1 6 11 50.3 48.6 51.7 3.1 7 12 48.6 46.2 50.4 4.2 8 1 49 46.4 50 3.6 9 6 Day 2 Morning 48.6 47.4 52 4.6 10 7 50 49.2 52.2 3.0 11 8 49.8 49 52.4 3.4 12 9 50.3 49.4 51.7 2.3 13 10 50.2 49.6 51.8 2.2 14 11 50 49 52.3 3.3 15 12 50 48.8 52.4 3.6 16 1 50.1 49.4 53.6 4.2 17 6 Day 3 Morning 48.4 45 49 4.0 18 7 48.8 44.8 49.7 4.9 19 8 49.6 48 51.8 3.8 20 9 50 48.1 52.7 4.6 21 10 51 48.1 55.2 7.1 22 11 50.4 49.5 54.1 4.6 23 12 50 48.7 50.9 2.2 24 1 48.9 47.6 51.2 3.6 Afternoon Shift For X Chart For R Chart Samples Time Shifts Average Smallest Largest Range X Bar (Averages) 48.93 R-Bar (CL) 4.38 1 2 Day 1 Afternoon 49 46 50.6 4.6 UCLx 50.40 LCL r 0.00 2 3 49.8 48.2 50.8 2.6 LCLx 47.46 UCL r 8.78 3 4 50.3 49.2 52.7 3.5 CL 50 4 5 51.4 50 55.3 5.3 5 6 51.6 49.2 54.7 5.5 6 7 51.8 50 55.6 5.6 7 8 51 48.6 53.2 4.6 8 9 50.5 49.4 52.4 3 9 2 Day 2 Afternoon 49.70 48.6 51 2.4 10 3 48.4 47.2 51.7 4.5 11 4 47.20 45.3 50.9 5.6 12 5 46.8 44.1 49 4.9 13 6 46.8 41 51.2 10.2 14 7 50 46.2 51.7 5.5 15 8 47.4 44 48.7 4.7 16 9 47 44.2 48.9 4.7 17 2 Day 3 Afternoon 49.8 48.4 51 2.6 18 3 49.8 48.8 50.8 2 19 4 50 49.1 50.6 1.5 20 5 47.8 45.2 51.2 6 21 6 46.4 44 49.7 5.7 22 7 46.4 44.4 50 5.6 23 8 47.2 46.6 48.9 2.3 24 9 48.4 47.2 49.5 2.3 Night Shifts X Bar Chart R Chart Samples Time Shifts Average Smallest Largest R-Bar X Bar Average 48.65 R- Bar (CL) 3.36 1 10 Day1 Night 49.2 46.1 50.7 4.6 UCLx 51.50 UCLr 6.73 2 11 49 46.3 50.8 4.5 LCLx 45.80 LCLr 0 3 12 48.40 45.4 50.2 4.8 CL 50 4 1 47.6 44.3 49.7 5.4 5 2 47.4 44.1 49.6 5.5 6 3 48.20 45.2 49 3.8 7 4 48 45.5 49.1 3.6 8 5 48.40 47.1 49.6 2.5 9 10 Day 2 Night 47.2 46.6 50.2 3.6 10 11 48.6 47 50 3 11 12 49.8 48.2 50.4 2.2 12 1 49.6 48.4 51.7 3.3 13 2 50 49 52.2 3.2 14 3 50 49.2 50 0.8 15 4 47.2 46.3 50.5 4.2 16 5 47 44.1 49.7 5.6 17 10 Day 3 Night 49.2 48.1 50.7 2.6 18 11 48.40 47 50.8 3.8 19 12 47.2 46.4 49.2 2.8 20 1 47.4 46.8 49 2.2 21 2 48.8 47.2 51.4 4.2 22 3 49.6 49 50.6 1.6 23 4 51 50.5 51.5 1 24 5 50.5 50 51.9 1.9 Analysis Report   Ã‚     Ã‚   After calculating and analysing the three different shifts of three days. We can observe that second shift and third shift consistently out of control. Although, 21 Samples of range chart is only out of control which is 7.10 which is greater than UCLr which is 6.9. Despite, this is only shift which is in control.    By observing the second shift it is clearly seen that x chart is out of control, whereas   R chart of second shift is in control only 13 Samples is out of control which is 10.20 whereas UCLr is 8.7842    Now, for third shift, the X bar Chart the process is consistently out of control whereas the R chart is perfectly in control. Recommendation. In order to control the system, Company should be done some changes, mention below In order to build up the productivity, training should be provide to the new employees especially in the night shift. Another solution company can shift experienced employee in night shift to maintain the balance. Bayfield Mud Company should examine their machinery on regular basis as prescribed by managers. As we know a small issued can convert into big hindrance at the time of execution. Company should hire some quality control specialist who can take proper responsibilities of audit and track every problems with all documents in efficient way. Bayfield Company should do automated testing device to observe the bag weights.

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Plague - Bacillus Yersinia Pestis Essay -- Biology Medical Biomedical

Identification and Prevention of What Makes Life â€Å"Nasty, Brutish, and Short† Plague is caused by the bacterium bacillus Yersinia pestis, and is carried by rodents, fleas, and mammals. Plague takes three forms: bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. Bubonic plague affects the lymph glands, while the pneumonic and septicemic forms affect the lungs and the blood. Today, plague can be prevented by antibiotics and strict public health measures. Three methods of controlling carriers involve sanitizing the environment, educating the public on how to prevent exposure, and using prophylactic antibiotics. â€Å"O happy posterity, who will not experience such abysmal woe and will look upon our testimony as a fable,† wrote the Florentian Renaissance author Francesco Petrarch to a friend in the midst of the Black Plague (Benedictow 3). Indeed, the Black Plague and its timeless infamy define when life was nasty, brutish, and short. Between 1346 and 1353, the Black Plague cast its dismal shadow over Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Western Asia. The plague also recurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in huge pandemics in Asia, and continues to be a threat today. The agent of plague, the bacterium bacillus Yersinia pestis, is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected fleas. Yersinia pestis is carried in the circulatory systems of chipmunks, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, mice, and other mammals. The plague is spread among humans by the inhalation of coughs of plague pneumonia. Although it is tempting to dismiss this pathogen as only active in outbreaks like the Black Death, and despite that the medical community found solutions to plague, plague continues to threaten those who live in areas of poor housing and sanitati... ...f Person-to-Person Transmission of Pneumonic Plague.† Healthcare Epidemiology. 27 July, 2006. 15 April, 2005. . Kopp, Elizabeth, and Medzhitov, Ruslan. â€Å"A Plague on Host Defense.† The Journal of Experimental Medicine. . â€Å"Plague Fact Sheet.† Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Department of Health and Human Services. 30 March, 2005. 26 July, 2006. . â€Å"Plague Prevention and Control.† Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Department of Health and Human Services. 30 March, 2005. 26 July, 2006. . VeriMed Healthcare Network. â€Å"Plague.† Medline Plus. 17 June, 2005. 26 July, 2006. .

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Womens Day

Women’s Day Women are not an asset, nor are they mere human beings – they are the pride of society. From raising the children through to educating our youth, they carry the largest burden of helping us in comprehending how important life is and why it should be preserved for the greater good of mankind.In Pakistan, we do not need to look any further – from our households through to our sociological development, they are the pillars upon whom we depend for our emotional and spiritual support, and even at times our economical, social and political fabric coherence. From the youngest to the oldest, they are equivocal representatives of the brighter side of Pakistan. Kiran Khan, for instance, represented Pakistan in swimming on an international platform – the Commonwealth Games, and the 2008 Summer Olympics to name a few; Dr.Attiya Inayatullah and Mrs. Safia Ameen, who were prominent members of the Population Council and brought to the fore the importance of e pidemiological analysis in Pakistan; Ms. Fatima Jinnah, who deserves an honorary mention in this regard for laying the foundation stone of the All Women Association; Mrs. Bilquis Edhi, wife of Abdul Sattar Edhi, is in her own right a testament to the Edhi Foundation.Her concentrated efforts in maintaining the humanitarian relief efforts for the people of Pakistan are at par with her husband and Pakistan is in debt to her patriotic passion for the nationalistic cause that she continues to pursue to this day; the numerous laureates of Pakistan are endless and deserve wreaths of praise for their contributions to Pakistan. That isn't to say that they alone are representatives of our society. On a daily basis we see them strive to bring a shining image of Pakistan that has been earned through fair means and admirable efforts.Notable mentions include; Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri, who pioneered the concept of ‘international level higher education for the masses' to noteworthy effect – with the advent of the Beaconhouse School System that, to this day, is the most diverse private school network that teaches Cambridge assorted GCEs to the masses; with the Educators providing an equal opportunity for the less affording stratum of Pakistan; Ms. Fatima Riaz, an undergraduate student of Ata-ur-Rehman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) in National University ofScience and Technology (NUST), who has instituted the start of a NUST-level society titled â€Å"Bioreach† – the prime objective being to ‘reach' out to the general public and provide a ‘researcher's contributions' towards understanding diseases in Pakistan better and, furthermore, helping understand how they can be caused and avoided; to the numerous female students of Pakistan whom have represented Pakistan on numerous platforms – school, college, and university level – internationally and nationally; the mothers of children guiding them towards the right path; the elder ly women whom have provided their undivided attention in providing advice and counselor support to our veterans in their time of need; they are the numerous ‘silent heroes' whom have held our society's fabric together since Pakistan's inception. This article is a testament to the women of Pakistan, without whom Pakistan would have been different. We, the people of Pakistan, salute you for your untiring efforts and tip our hats in praise and support of your relentless pursuit of the national cause. And with this, we would like to conclude this dedication to you.

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Medicine And Science In Sports Essays

Medicine And Science In Sports Essays Medicine And Science In Sports Paper Medicine And Science In Sports Paper The famous cycling competition, Tour de France, is now world renowned, not only for its accomplishments, but also for the drugs scandals it has faced in recent years. In 2006, its American winner Floyd Landis tested positive for unusual levels of testosterone, after stage 17 of the Tour (BBC, 2006). Landis denied cheating, and asked for a counter analysis to clear his name (BBC, 2006). However, his backup dope test also came back positive, showing that his B sample, as well as his A sample, contained synthetic testosterone. This denies his earlier claim that his body had been naturally producing more than the normal levels of testosterone, as synthetic testosterone can only come from outside sources (MSNBC, 2006). In the same year, two of Lance Armstrong’s teammates, confessed to having used EPO, a banned performance enhancement drug, in the 1999 Tour de France (Macur, 2006). EPO, or erythropoietin, is a synthetic hormone that boosts the body’s production of oxygen-rich red blood cells (Macur, 2006). It allows the rider to have increased stamina, which is crucial to cyclists (Macur, 2006). It is believed that doping, or ingesting stimulants, has always been an integral part of the culture of top-level cycling (Cannon). Stimulants such as amphetamine forces the body to produce adrenaline and increase the muscles capacity to work (Cannon). A stimulant would equip a cyclist with increased attention, concentration, and sensitivity to all relevant factors during the entire race (Cannon). A stimulant can also help a cyclist by allowing his body to produce more sweat and thereby release body heat and it causes the lungs to process more air to be sent to the blood (Cannon). However, a stimulant poses serious health risks to a cyclist, such as dangerous increase in body temperature and failure of the body to recognize overexertion, which could end in injury (Cannon). Stakeholders in this issue can be categorized into three: the event organizers and judges, the competitors themselves, and the public. Organizers and judges are interested in keeping their competitions clean in order to know who the real winners are. This will maintain public confidence in their competitions, which is the only way that the events would get supporters and followers. The competitors are interested in addressing this issue because it ruins their credibility as professional athletes. One allegation of cheating against one rider can ruin the reputation of all of them. Moreover, those who lose because they have been honest would lose their interest in the game or their trust in the event organizers. Finally, the public would want the real winner to be clean of drugs. This would mean that the winner was able to overcome the challenges through his own effort and without the help of performance enhancers. Ethically speaking, taking performance-enhancing drugs is nothing more than plain old cheating. It should never be countenanced lest it corrupt other riders who are still believing in honest competition. Everyone interested should stand guard against these kinds of cheating activities to ensure the integrity of the cycling sport. References BBC. (2006). Landis gives positive drugs test. Retrieved October 3, 2007, from http://news. bbc. co. uk/sport2/hi/other_sports/cycling/5221122. stm Cannon, M. The Physiological Effects of Two Cycling Drugs. Retrieved October 3, 2007, from indiana. edu/~phys215/lab/paper1. pdf Macur, J. (2006). 2 Ex-Teammates of Cycling Star Admit Drug Use. The New York Times. Retrieved October 3, 2007, from nytimes. com/2006/09/12/sports/othersports/12cycling. html? _r=1n=Top%2FReference%2FTimes%20Topics%2FOrganizations% 2FU%2FUnited%20States%20Anti-Doping%20Agencyoref=slogin MSNBC. (2006). Landisbackup doping test also positive. Retrieved October 3, 2007, from msnbc. msn. com/id/14059185/

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Market elasticitys in banking industry

Market elasticitys in banking industry Introduction Elasticity of demand refers to the â€Å"degree to which quantity demanded changes due to a change in price or any other factors that influence the demand for the product† (Hall 2). There are three types of elasticity of demand which include price elasticity of markets, income elasticity of markets, and cross elasticity of markets.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Market elasticity’s in banking industry specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The banking industry generates its income mainly from charging interest rates when lending loans and mortgages, foreign exchange dealings, and other money market factors. Price Elasticity of Markets in the Banking Industry Price elasticity of markets refers to the degree of change in quantity demanded or supplied of a commodity due to a change in price of the commodity (Hall 10) The formula is: P.E.D = proportionate change in quantity demanded or supplied Prop ortionate change in price Price elasticity of markets in the banking industry influences such issues as foreign exchange, housing, mortgages and also issues of lending rates. For example, the housing industry consists of houses that are already in the markets for sale, and those buyers would be willing to purchase. Factors that influence the economy would influence the lending rates to be used. If there is an excess demand for the homes, prices would increase, as a result. Since people always purchase hoses, it makes the price elasticity to be highly elastic. When factors influencing the economy, such as inflation, grow, the lending rate has to be increased to discourage people from borrowing. The general prices would also increase due to the inflation, thus, lowering the quantity demanded.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Mortgage interest rates affect the price el asticity of houses. When the prices are low, consumers demand more homes since they don’t shy away from the prices that are offered. Price elasticity of markets influences interest rates, and would influence the monetary and fiscal policies. Interventions of monetary and fiscal policies may have an effect of a downturn or may boost the economy depending on the lending rates. Income Elasticity of Markets Hall describes income elasticity of markets as the responsiveness of the quantity demanded and supplied due to the change in the consumer’s real income while keeping other factors constant (p, 10). It is calculated as Y.E.D=proportionate change in quantity demanded Proportionate change in income The income elasticity of markets has an effect on the deposit and lending decisions of the economy. Households earning high incomes would deposit more in both the depository and non depository institutions. Factors of the banking industry influencing spending ability, such as ta xation and lending rates would have major influences. An increase in interest rates would stimulate more savings and people would spend less. Interest rates also have an effect on the cost of funding operating debt schemes, such as bank loans and mortgages. For instance, an increase in the lending rates will shift the funds of consumers towards the high mortgage and loan payments, and they would shy away from spending. Cross elasticity of markets Hall calls cross elasticity as the responsiveness of quantity demanded of a product x due to change in price of related product y. These products can either be substitutes or complementary (13). Consumers are increasingly choosing to obtain loans from non-depository institutions. According to the current statistics, only 41 % of consumer loans were taken from depository institutions. This shows the substitution effect of cross elasticity of markets (13).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Market elasticity’s in banking industry specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Bibliography Hall, Pamela. Microeconomic Theory in Markets. New York: Penguin, 2009. Print

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Whole Food Market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Whole Food Market - Essay Example Whole Food Market has developed an innovation strategy of its kind that would suit its organic business model. Firstly, they integrated the differentiation strategy whereby they provide their customers services they cannot find anywhere else so as to maintain a loyal customer basis. On the contrary, the supermarket was the first to dump use of plastic bags so as to conserve the environment. Furthermore, its social dimension towards its value proposal in engaging in wind energy practices; an environmental friendly approach is part of its innovation strategy. Moreover, in order to satisfy their organic goal, they have also expanded their business to developing their own line of sea food and an animal welfare system and more so boosting new and creative animal production practices. Therefore, putting these factors in mind, it is clear that the organization has justified its organic practices.The environment that Whole Food Market operates in is full of potential. The external threats ar e competition from fast food companies as well as other green companies. However, its differentiation strategy has worked out in terms of beating rival companies. On the other hand, the supermarket realizes the environmental challenges, hence its approach to renewable energy and elimination of plastic. Such corporate responsibilities have enhanced favor to the supermarket from its green customers. Another environemental principle is always being ahead producing high quality products as well as realizing and utilizing opportunities.

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The Ineffectiveness of Gun Control Research Paper

The Ineffectiveness of Gun Control - Research Paper Example The longevity of guns, the prevalence of illegal caches of weapons and the lack of respect that criminals have for the law all contribute to gun control as a misguided and ineffective concept that has no effect on violent crime within the United States. Despite arguments to the contrary, gun control does not reduce the amount of violent crime in the United States. Throughout the United States, there are thousands of different gun control laws, which vary not only in the restrictions that they create, but also in how effectively they are enforced. Some laws act to restrict who can purchase guns, by creating purchasing permits, or requiring gun registration, others include safety training before purchase or background checks when a sale is occurring (Moorhouse and Wanner 104). Stories of the lack of logic in current gun control laws abound. A classic example of this is a man who keeps a gun in his house for his own protection, despite the fact that it is illegal. An intruder breaks into the man’s house, and makes a rush at the man, who then shoots the intruder. In many states in America, the man would face criminal charges, and this has happened many times (Wilson 1). This is one of the key arguments against gun control; it punishes the everyday citizens, while not effectively restricting criminals. After all, if a person is not afraid to break the law to rob a house, they are unlikely to be concerned about having an illegal gun. Thus, gun control does not result in less guns in the hands of criminals. The debate on gun control has spurred significant controversy about whether gun control laws are an effective method of reducing crime. Studies of gun control in the United States have mixed results.... Studies of gun control in the United States have mixed results. Most studies have concluded that gun control in the United States does not result in the reduction in violent crime (Moorhouse and Wanner 106). Despite the development of gun control laws, the amount of firearms owned privately has continued to steadily rise, but this has not been matched by the prevalence of violent crimes. Rates of violent crime in the United States have varied considerably (Jacobs 13). This suggests that ownership of guns has no effect on the rate of violent crime, implying that the logic behind gun control laws is fundamentally flawed. Perhaps the strongest piece of evidence against gun control is a report issued by the National Academy of Sciences. The report was 328 pages long, and contained information from close to 400 different sources as well as its own study. The study found that there was no evidence that gun control had any effect on reducing the amount of violent crime that occurs. Another study found that measures such as background checks for people purchasing guns are ineffective, as close to 80% percent of guns owned by criminals were purchased illegally (WND). There is no doubt that the United States has a serious problem with violent crime. Despite the comparatively low levels of crime in recent years, the United States still has more violent crime than other countries in the Western hemisphere, not only in terms of crimes committed with guns, but also for other types of violent crime. In fact, more than 90% of violent crimes that occur within the United States do not involve the use of any weapon (Jacobs 8-10). This suggests that gun control is an innately flawed concept because relies on the assumed relationship between the