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Family Curfews: Can Not Keep Teens Out of Trouble

Looking for freedom is human nature. Everyone wants to have his or her own space and time to manage. When you were a teenager, you sought for independence and tried to decide by yourself, but when you become a parent, can you still remember to let your children be free and have faith in them? Most parents will forget the feeling they experienced when they were teenagers and forgot to make the things right when they become moms or dads. They set a lot of rules at home for their kids and sometimes even strict family curfews. But do they work? Can they really keep teens out of trouble, or do they make it worse? Parents like to give curfews for their children like â€Å"you have to get home at XX time† and â€Å"you can not go anywhere without my permission,† etc. If they are grounded, they may resist it and get into trouble sometimes. In Irvine's (2009) article, she cites Sanchez's words that giving family curfews is like â€Å"putting a Band-Aid on the problem† (para. 25). You can not solve the problem your children have or prevent the trouble that may happen to them by setting curfews because curfews may cause computer game and pornography addictions, and family conflicts which is not good for building up the teens personality or keeping them healthy. Family curfews may lead to computer game addictions. If parents give their children curfews that they have to stay at home since a certain time, and because parents respect their privacy, teens may shut themselves in their rooms and do something that parents do not expect. In addition, teens all have their own computers nowadays, so it's easy for them to have computer game addictions. They will play online computer games just because they can not go out and play, and they do not have other things to do at home. That is a kind of trouble that could be brought on by curfews, and a lot of parents barely notice that their kids are having some serious problems. Computer game addiction is a terrible behavior because it is something unreal. Teens who like to play those games are always easy to be attracted by the fantasy world that built up in those games and they are more likely to ignore their studies, family and friends. Sometimes because they don't have a sense of achievement in their real life, they will lose themselves in the fictitious world where they can get a illusory sense of accomplishment. It's dangerous for teens to escape to the online world to compensate their frustration in reality and behave violently to which they learn from violent video games, and curfews give some teens excuses for staying at home and doing these â€Å"geek† things. There was a news report from Nan Fang Daily, and Li (2003) said that a 15 year-old boy, whose parents gave him a curfew, was led to a serious addiction of computer games. When the parents finally found out, they tried many ways to solve this problem, but the boy was so into it and could not help playing PC games. Eventually he ran away from home and never went back because he could not endure the double pressure from computer game addiction and from parents. That's clearly shows that curfews can not keep teens out of trouble, they can even bring them some severe problem, and computer game addiction is one of them. Just like computer game addiction, pornography addiction can be another bad behavior caused by family curfews. When teens are forced by parents to stay at home, they will find an outlet to vent their discontent, and they may indulge in pornography on the internet. Nowadays, it's easy for people to bump into some pornographic web sites unintentionally when they surf on the internet. Since teenagers are people that are always curious about everything, especially sex, it's more possible for them to take a look when they encounter those sites. Moreover, there are so many pornographic web sites on the internet, and people can easily open them, watch them, or even download them. For teens, these kinds of websites provide the exact knowledge that they yearn for. According to Family Safe Media (2001), the 12 to 17 year-old group is the main viewer who search porn online. So when they are ordered to be at home and are â€Å"working† with their computers, they may look at those sites and then are addicted to them. It's easy for them to want to experience the sensation of sex because their hormones rise which makes them be impulsive and passionate for sex, and it's possible for them to learn something wrong. There was a real story Mueller (2005) told about some 10 year-old boys who were from Christian families in which the parents were very strict and made a lot of rules. They were found having oral sex with one of their male classmates, which really shocked the parents. They learned to do it because one of them found a porn site on the internet and were quickly addicted to it. Then he searched for some more extreme sites and told his friends to watch and try to do what they saw on the show. This gives us an idea that if teens are restrained too much at home and spend a lot of time with themselves which is like giving them curfews, they may have computer addiction in pornography which is possible to put themselves in grave danger. Family curfews, moreover, can result in family conflicts. As we all know, teenagers easily become angry, insecure, confused, sensitive and impulsive. They tend to be more independent and have intense needs to be accepted by others. If there are strict parents in the families who give their children curfews all the time, their children will not listen but fight against them like Marmer said in Irvine's (2009) article, â€Å"If you keep telling kids ‘no' all the time and don't give them a ‘yes' part, they're going to rebel† (para. 8). There are a lot of families in which parents set many rules for the children that cause family conflicts. Teenagers who are experiencing adolescence possibly will have the reverse psychology towards parents. When parents gives curfews, some teens may argue for their rights of being independent and make deals with their parents in which case their reaction can be accepted, but others may challenge the parental authority. They probably become resentful and aggressive which may lead to quarreling or fighting with their parents, and they will be hostile and frustrated that could bring about cold war with their parents and result in running away from home or even committing suicide and some crimes eventually. Furthermore, because some teens are required to stay at home, they can not keep in touch with their friends or team members. They may become introverted, isolated, and negative when they interact with people, and they may become less active in both sports and social activities, which may have bad influences on their physical and psychological health. According to Fox News (2009), a 11 year-old New Mexico boy murdered his father with his father's rifle because his father was always very strict to him by giving severe curfews and sometimes punishments. That made the boy be angry and aggressive, feel depressed and neglected and want to rebel all the time which result in this astonishing consequence. This shows that curfews can cause family conflicts or even juvenile crimes by affecting teens' behavior and twisting teens' personality which will bring serious family or social issues. To conclude, we should not enforce family curfews on teens because they can not keep teens out of trouble, and they may bring more troubles instead. First, they may cause computer game addiction. If you keep your children at home, and then mind your own business and leave them with their computers in their rooms, they may become quickly addicted to computer ames rather than have social activities because they are stuck at home. Computer game addiction which can be caused by curfews is harmful for teens' growth. Second, family curfews can also lead to pornography addiction. When teens are forced to stay at home with their computer as company for them, they may easily indulge in pornography on the internet and this kind of curiosity may bring some dangerous problem which has a bad influence on the teens ' physical and psychological health. In addition, family curfews can result in serious family conflicts because teens are more likely to rebel when the parents set a lot of strict rules or prevent them from their friends. This may lead to severe conflicts between teens and parents that can result in terrible personal and social issues such as suicide and violent crime. Setting family curfews is not the best way to prevent teens from having trouble. What we need to do is communicate more with them and give wise advice in the appropriate moment like Berger said in Springen's (2010) article, â€Å"The teenager should have his own good sense to guide him when it is time to come home† (para. 11). Reference Family Safe Media. (2011). How to fight pornography. 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The University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is propelled by fearless ideas. Our fearlessness generates creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit with which few can compete. What ignites your spark and makes you fearless? There was a time where being your-self was respected and encouraged. From the clothes you wore to the books you read, any chance you had to showcase your individuality was recommended to be taken. It seems nowadays everyone is into the same â€Å"new craze† or the same â€Å"fashion forward† movement.It seems as if no one is truly standing for themselves; my generation is following the same trend of everyone being unique. I do not see any true examples of eccentricity or uniqueness among my fellow â€Å"90’s Baby’s. † It is this lack of individuality that drives my fearlessness, and pushes me to set and accomplish anything I put my mind to. To be yourself is to have confidence in who you are as an individual, even though you may not know who that is yet.It is the willingness to take risks which can end up hurting you, with the faith that it will all work out. To be yourself also requires dedication and fearlessness. You must be steadfast with your beliefs and not be afraid to stand up for them. These are the beliefs that â€Å"ignite my spark† and motivate me to move forward within all that I do. Being true to who I am and having confidence in myself even though times may seem bleak is what makes me fearless, not only as a student, but as an individual.

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REPORT TOPIC LAW Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

REPORT TOPIC LAW - Assignment Example Conflict of Laws or Private International Law covers cases where a foreign element intrudes, raising questions as to the application of foreign law or the role of foreign courts (Shaw, 1). Legal Positivism suggests that international law is not law at all because there is no true governing body that imposes the law and enforces its obedience. Contrast this with the laws of a State where the State itself is tasked with the promulgation and enforcement of the law. Instead, International Law is enforced by agreement between parties to a treaty, convention or international organization. For example, states that are parties to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 commit themselves to follow the rules of war set forth in those Conventions. State parties to the Kyoto Protocols bind themselves to the provisions of those environmental-safeguard protocols. Even the United Nations and its subordinate bodies exist because the UN State Parties signed or acceded to the UN Charter to become members of th e United Nations. Aside from Treaties and Conventions, which are essentially multilateral treaties, there are two other sources of international law. They are international custom and general principals of law recognized by civilized nations (ICJ Statute Art 38).

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Essay

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - Essay Example For those that do, OSHA enforces workplace standards, regulations, and subsequently conducts inspections in relation to chemical exposure, injury vulnerability, safety procedures, protective gear requirements, and certain information availability to employees (Reese and James 71). Workplaces that do not fall under the jurisdiction of OSHA are regulated by other relevant agencies. Most importantly, violation of OSHA regulations attracts fines and/or jail time based on the safety and health provisions violated. Over the last four decades, OSHA has had to deal with many different criticisms that cut across the administration’s operations. One of the most criticized areas of OSHA’s activities is the ever-rising number of inspections in workplaces that fall under its jurisdiction. The number of inspections has kept rising, but the outcomes of such inspections have had little positive results to show. The idea of inspections failing to reflect improved results in workplaces often spur controversy over the effectiveness and efficiency of the agency. Accompanying the inspection criticism is the argument that follow up practices are lacking in OSHA’s system of executing its mandate. In this respect, many workplaces change little, if any, aspects of OSHA’s concerns. In the same regard, majority of workplaces correct their safety and health practices only in anticipation of inspection. Once these inspections are undertaken, employees could end up facing working conditions that are unsafe and unfit for their health for years. Even as OSHA strives to be as effective and efficient as possible, the workload of its mandate is simply overwhelming. (Mayer 145) contends that it would take the administration over one hundred years to inspect and ensure regulatory compliance in all workplaces that fall under OSHA’s jurisdiction. What this shows is that OSHA will hardly account

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How does the Christian communal meal arise from Jewish and Greco-Roman Assignment

How does the Christian communal meal arise from Jewish and Greco-Roman conceptions of sacrifice and what makes the Christian sacrificial meal different from its Jewish and Greco-Roman forerunners - Assignment Example The second one the members performed dances, made choirs, sang sacred songs and remained sober until dawn. Another example of Jewish communal meal is the gathering meal where the community rule in the Qumran script provides direction: it says that they will eat and pray in common. Additionally, the eating’s started by blessing the wine and bread while praying involved the discussion and study of law among others. This communal suppers took place daily (Alikin, 16). In Graeco-Roman world cult, associations and mystery cults were effective. They are considered as a subcategory of voluntary associations. The utmost mystery cults were the Mithras cult, sibylline cult at Rome, Eleusis cult and lastly the Serapis and Isis cult. All these cults has one similar thing: their supporters gathered at agreed times with a lavish meal. These common suppers are well indicated, for example, the cults of Serapis and Isis. Supporters of these cults gathered from time to time in temples or houses and sat on couches. This coaches were only set up for ceremonial drinking and eating occasions. In Christians, gatherings were dual. The first one comprised of a meal proper and after the meal a session with various activities like teaching, singing and preaching followed. These activities resembled what happened at feasts in the Graeco-Roman world. Precisely the gatherings of Christians was that some fell into a frenzy: they spoke streams of incoherent and inexplicable sounds. Additionally, other members produced understandable sounds in the form of preaching’s, revelations, teaching, hymns and lastly passing on of knowledge and wisdom. The above oral contributions were offered and bartered in the same assembly as the common meal but took place in the second fold once the meal had been finished. The Christian dual structure of gathering is also similar to the Jewish assembly. This so for because when the meal is over, a person who is

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Discovering Cultural Models from the Analysis of Discourse Essay

Discovering Cultural Models from the Analysis of Discourse - Essay Example Members of any given culture create chunks of meaning, like the above, and use them in discourse. Finding, identifying and describing these cultural â€Å"chunks† is the purview of the ethnographer. Quinn searched for metaphors to identify cultural chunks. This eliminated a lot of processing, because almost all the sentences which contain metaphors have cultural models. Quinn used the same information in the models to verify the model. That is, the causal relationship between the model and its concepts will verify that it is a cultural model. To confirm this one only needs to talk with two or more informant about the model and verify that they use it in the same way and understand that it contains the same causal relationship and concepts. For example, saying that the bride could not wear white in the twentieth century western English speaking world meant that a woman had been married before or was not a virgin. People today still understand this concept, even though the signi ficance has vanished. Further, discourse transcripts can be used to identify the cultural models by identifying the causal relationship to the concepts. So a person using the previous phrase can be assumed to be a member of a culture which uses or used this model. Verifying requires that all alternatives be eliminated. Quinn uses the example of a watch in a box, which can be identified by opening the box and looking. Shaking the box is not enough, because it could be something else. However, if one could hear the ticking by placing the ear on the box, one might assume it is a watch quite safely, using the strong probability. Of course this only works with a watch which ticks. However, one should then corroborate it by looking in the box, or asking the person who has looked or who put it there if it is a watch. The most basic linguistic concepts seem to be universal: ideas like want, need, see, hear, think, know and feel.

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Math paradoxes - geometric series Speech or Presentation

Math paradoxes - geometric series - Speech or Presentation Example The key concept here is that there are an infinite number of rooms, so that our logic – which would terminate in the ‘real world’- can go on forever. This is called ‘Hilbert’s infinite hotel paradox’ and the famed hotel is often jokingly referred to a â€Å"Hilberts† analogously to â€Å"Hiltons†! Infinity is a very hard concept to understand and possess the most absurd properties of any mathematically definable object. Cantor was the first mathematician to study the properties of infinite sets in greater detail. Suppose you group together all the even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10†¦) and all the perfect squares (1, 4, 9, 16†¦) separately into two groups. Which group has more members? If selection was from a small set, say from the first 100 numbers, then the answer is fairly obvious. There are 50 even numbers in the list from 1 to 100 while there are only 10 perfect squares. As the set grows larger, we expect the ratio to remain the same. However, if the grouping is from the entire set of integers, then lo and behold, we find the rather unusual result that both the groups have exactly the same number of members! This is because, for every even number from the first set we can find a perfect square in the other set. Thus, since for every element in the first set there i s a corresponding element in the next set, we have to conclude that no set has more members than the other; as if this were to be so, some even number would have no perfect squares to relate to. Series’ show the remarkable properties of â€Å"Convergence and â€Å"Divergence†. These properties happen to be very well studied as they find applications in most branches of engineering. Take an apple pie and cut it in half. Cut one of these halves in half again and repeat the process. Initially you have 1 object (in this case a pie). It then becomes . The third iteration reduces it to . It is easy to see where we are going.

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Why Cruise, why cruise line is used Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why Cruise, why cruise line is used - Essay Example dual cruise ships for targeted customers in order to heighten the quality of services and manage stiff competition that has left only â€Å"a few numbers of large corporations† in the market (Fabbi 2013, p.3). An example of a cruise ship with customized mission is one which stays for about one month in the seas, traversing vast waters with tourists whose main objective is amusement on board (Klein, 2005). Customized cruise ships provide interesting experiences when tourists need them the most. The right time to look for the best cruise ship and the unique services which one would like to enjoy is shortly before or during the holiday season. These are the times when the wild oceanic sceneries are out for sightseeing by individuals who are out of occupational commitments. Cruise ships are especially important form of amusement and adventure during winters when the air is virgin and crisp. With a clearly formed cruise ship case statement, customers would know beforehand, the beautiful landscapes, sea water experiences and other related activities they would enjoy during the trip. Taking a voyage with like-minded persons to experience the fresh air that a cruise ship has promised its patrons would be the best experience for tourists and the cruise ship crews whose schedule would remain unchanged by conflicting interests during the trip. As Klein (2005, p.4) has suggested that â€Å"customers perceive cruises as all-inclusive†, a well-informed audience that is aware of ships offering customised services would go a long way in aiding quicker customer decisions regarding which ship to take; and what sea routes one should follow to enjoy maximum experience. These experiences would be viable for specific cruise ships offering such services as well. As Mancini (2010) has said, disembarking at remote, but safe islands in a summer would enable many snorkelers in a customised ship for amusement the view of clear waters and sights of tropical fish species as well as coral

Business and Industry involved in the development of Community College Essay

Business and Industry involved in the development of Community College programs - Essay Example In order to cater for the diverse needs of the businesses and industries, diverse programs have been developed by the community colleges as a direct influence of the former. People have also come to change their perspectives on community colleges, which consequently has resulted in the introduction of adult classes, part-time graduates enrollment programs to sharpen their skills. Businesses and industries have sponsored community colleges in different ways, provided internship opportunities for their students and influenced their curriculum, just to mention a few. Initially, community colleges were believed to be set up for the handicapped and underprivileged to provide them with general education and tradition liberal arts. However, with time, people began appreciating them. This was as a result of the rise of new businesses and industries which were in demand of labor. The short courses offered in community colleges as compared to other educational instructions provided the urgent workforce needed. The different industries and businesses establishments needed different and diverse skills. As a result, diverse courses came into being and students were taught programs like home economics, business studies teaching, secretarial studies, general courses and music. These trainings acted as links between semi-skilled laborers and professionals. All this made it possible for the students to get jobs after immediate completion of their courses. Gradually, people changed their perspective on community colleges, adult classes were introduced, part-time classes came into being and even graduates enrolled to sharpen their skills. This resulted in the enrollment of a huge number of students leading to the growth of community colleges. Business and industries play a major role in the development of Community College Programs. This state of affairs started back in the 1990s when there was immense business potential in America as new businesses and industries were